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AVOID THE POTHOLE, NOT THE OIL CHANGE & INSPECTION - Schedule your "K" Service Routine Maintenance now.
 Remember, whether it's a long haul or short commute, check your tires before every ride.

H-D® 1K SERVICE routine Maintenance CHECKLIST

Congratulations on hitting your first 1,000 miles! Now it's time to take care of the critical service points, so your Harley® is ready for your next ride. There are many checkpoints, but one of the most critical is repacing your engine oil and filter.

  • Inspect engine oil and filter
  • Inspect oil lines and brake system for leaks
  • Inspect air cleaner and service as required
  • Check tire pressure and inspect tread
  • Check tightness of wheel spokes
  • Replace transmission lubricant
  • Check clutch adjustment
  • Check primary chain adjustment
  • Inspect rear belt and sprockets and adjust belt
  • Check, adjust, and lube throttle, brake enrichers, and clutch controls
  • Inspect and lube jiffy stand
  • Inspect fuel valve, lines, and fittings for leaks
  • Check brake fluid levels and condition
  • Inspect brake pads and discs for wear
  • Check spark plugs
  • Check operation of electrical equipment & switches
  • Check & adjust engine idle speed
  • Adjust steering head bearings
  • Inspect shock absorbers
  • Check tightness of critical fasteners: hand controls, brake system, axle nuts, front fork components, riser, and handlebars
  • Road test
  • Courtesy wash



In addition to replacing the engine oil and filter, nearly every single point on the Harley-Davidson 1,000-mile service checklist will be assessed again. At the 5k-mile service interval, we'll complete the following:

  1. Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter
  2. Inspect Brake System: brake pads, discs, oil lines, fluid reservoir
  3. Inspect Air Filter: service as required
  4. Review Tires: pressure, tread, tightness of wheel spokes
  5. Review Clutch: adjust and lubricate, throttle, brake, clutch controls
  6. Review Rear Drive Belt and Sprockets: inspect and adjust belt
  7. Inspect Fuel Valve, Lines, and Fittings: look for leaks
  8. Inspect Spark Plugs
  9. Check Air Suspension
  10. Check Operation of Electrical Equipment/Switches
  11. Inspect Exhaust System: leaks, cracks, and loose or missing fasteners or heat shields



After racking up 10k worth of memories and stories, your Harley® is ready for a little R&R. All 1k and 5k checkpoints are inspected again during the 10k inspection. Plus, at 10,000 miles, our techs are focused on retightening parts that may have gradually shaken loose over time. Lubricating steering head bearings and other crucial pivot points are a priority to keep you riding the rockin'' roads in and around Northeast Ohio.

  • 1K & 5K checkpoints, PLUS
  • Check front brake lever pin
  • Check brake caliper pins
  • Check brake caliper boots and bushings
  • Check rear master cylinder outer boot
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Adjust and lube steering head bearings
  • Check engine mounts and stabilizer link